Schmeessen 2004
The situation of the site of Schmeessen when the director visited in 2004, with Professor Stephan and Jürgen Koch, can be seen in the photo above. Undergrowth, comprised mainly of blackberry bushes and markedly different from the surrounding areas, covered what appeared to be a small hillock, with only one large stone visible toward the centre.  At that time, it was surmised the remains of the structure beneath our feet was probably a small squarish building with dimensions of some 5-6m.  
By the time we returned in the July of 2005, the area had been prepared and cleared of the overlying plant cover by workers organised by Jürgen Koch and the local historical society.  What now became clear was the mound we had stood atop of the previous summer was made up of a pile of stones of various sizes (see photo next page).  There were no clear lines immediately obvious in the stone pile but scattered remnants of plaster/mortar were in evidence across and around the entire area.